New Look For Todays Users

The Chinese Tractor Owners Association today has just completed a major update to its look and feel in order to be current with the ever changing world of the internet. With the move to mobile device constantly growing over the years, more folks than ever now use tablets or smartphones to surf the web.

With smaller screen, you need a website that is able to adjust on the fly to the specific device being used. Our new site is considered to be “responsive” in that it plays nice with whatever screen you have. In order for that to work as well, the look and layout of a site needs to either have two different layouts, one for desktops and one for mobile, or in our case, we have chosen to keep the same look and feel for all devices.

This should make it easier for those out in the field, or barn, or just the yard when needing to look up or ask a question about a tractor/dozer issue. All prior post have been ported over to ensure the ability to find those threads you have come to rely on or posting to remain.

We have also simplified, at our users request, the ability to add a photo to your post with a simple UPLOAD button at the bottom of your posting box. It lets you easily select a image on your computer to upload or you can easily just enter a hyper link to a existing image on the net too!

We currently have NO dealer banner ads displaying on our site, and that is still being decided. However, we are going to create a brand new DEALER DIRECTORY that we hope all dealers that sell Chinese Tractors and Equipment will join in order to help those looking to buy or need parts or service to find someone easier.


One thought on “New Look For Todays Users

  1. Hi. Were all the posts from the older site’s forums lost? This is the first time I’ve been back on in a couple of years.


    Cliff Capers

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