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I am looking for some guidance with the Proper setup of a 3 pt Backhoe. The previous owner made it clear he was not sure of the correct way to use the backhoe and in doing some work twisted the bars very bad. He did some straightening and mending to reinforce but they clearly need to be replaced. He showed me a short 12″ – 18″ bar and said that it should have been used in some fashion to support the hitch bars so they would not twist when operating the backhoe but I cannot find anything on this in the manual.

I can post some photos as soon as I join this group (trouble with PayPal).

Thanks in advance for your patients with my inexperience.


By: Chris

6 Responses to New owner JM284 needs help with Backhoe

  • NuJinma says:

    Never had a problem that way with mine. Did not bend anything. I assume you do have the stabilizers down and supporting most of the weight? It moves around a lot because as opposed to the frame mounted units, it does not have the tractors weight holding it down.

  • rijndorp says:

    i’ve used the back hoe a lot on my Siromer384 in the UK (similar to the JM384). The back hoe slides into the frame you need to install when you add the front loader. After several years of heavy digging, the back hoe slides are now slightly bent at the places where you secure the back hoe slide (‘bars’) to the F/L support frame with big bolts.

  • Dennis says:

    Chris, I have a JM Back hoe and have about 300 hours of stump work on it. I just use the 3 pt and no second bar. The secret is to use the stabilizers and work on the level. Hook the center link on the 3 pt to the lowest hole on the seat. If pinned to the top hole with enough bucket pull the seat bracket will bend after awhile. Work steady and slow and you will get results. If you work the hoe to fast it will start working against you. Warning in deep work do not let the bucket arm drop til it stops lower down under control. If there is no ground to stop it just air you could break one of the eyes off one of the cilinders. The nice thing about the 3 pt hoe is when you put it on or take it off only about 15 minutes.


  • dlowfam says:

    I just purchased a hw03x backhoe from Keno Tractor (I live in NH but they are so good to work with its worth the shippping for me to buy from them.) Anyone have experience with this model? Dennis, thank you for your coments, I have about 14 stumps to dig up in my yard.

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