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    Barry Higgins
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    I heard that the brake band on a 3500 could be replaced from the top. If so, how?

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    Bob Rooks
    Bob Rooks
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    Only the segmented bands can be replaced through the top. Literally dragged and pulled around the drum. I understand it’s not an easy go either. If you have a pre 2015 machine, it’s likely you can’t even get the old bands out through the top. It’s a craps shoot to know what type of bands you have. May as well just go in from the side through the final drives.

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    Barry, don’t dismantle your final drives just to change out brake bands. They will come out through the top (segmented or not).  One link plate on the end of the band will need to be removed. The newer style bands have bolt-on link plates but mine were the old type so I cut off the rivets with a grinder. Make a loop of heavy gauge fencing wire and use a crowbar to reef the band out. Have a few wooden blocks handy to raise the fulcrum point as it comes out. Alternatively a 1/2 ton come-along will work just fine.

    Use the same method to install the new bands. Run a wire loop through both bolt holes to keep the band aligned as it comes around.  Will take a bit of jiggling but it’s not that hard and certainly a lot less effort than removing final drives.

    Handy tips;  Push the splined pin out of the housing first which will make more space and allow a vertical pull on the brake band. Also remember to remove the two bolts which set the space between band and drum. One locates on the rear and the other on the underside. If these are not removed the band will get stuck.  Good luck!




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