Yuchai 'Dozer Manuals?

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    Greetings. I’ve never had a need to seriously (for me) get into the workings of my fiberglass-bodied Yuchai dozer from about ten years ago, but the backhoe quit hoe-ing (low pressure) and I took off the pump for repair, which it didn’t need, and am now going to go about checking the return valve pressure setting.

    I don’t know where it even is, demonstrating my (1)personal professionalism lack…

    Is there available, yet, a mtc. manual?? :scratch:


    (I also pressure washed the charging system wires on the engine bulkhead off, and now start the engine with a jumper-wire set up which works just fine, but further illustrates (1) above…) :-(


    ??”Members Currently Active: 0″ ?? You mean I’m dead? Writing this is an illusion and hitting “send” won’t do nuffin?? :scratch:

    Here goes “nuffin” SUBMIT

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